At the Crossroads

You can look back and see moments where you were at the crossroads. The problem is that, most of the time, you can’t see those moments coming. One of my crossroad’s moments occurred in the school year 2015 – 2016. I was blissfully skipping along and doing my work, with no idea that up ahead I was going to get hit on back of the head with a two-by-four.


Will and I were brainstorming. We were at the Florida Music Educator’s (FMEA) state convention. Will was a former student, good friend and now my assistant director. We were having dinner and working through ideas for the next year’s marching band show.

As we talked, an interesting concept began to come together. Over time, we decided to call this show “At the Crossroads“. Neither of us had any idea that we were actually standing at the crossroads.

The season

The 2015 season went extraordinarily well. We ended the season with a third place finish at the Florida marching band championships (FMBC) state championships. This was our 8th top 4 finish in 10 seasons.

At the Crossroads with the 2015 TKA Marching Lions. Final photo of the TKA Marching Lions.

Towards the end of the season I noticed a post from Halftime Magazine. They were looking for families who were doing marching band together. My son and my daughter were in the marching band that I directed, so I responded. They contacted me and ended up interviewing my family, including my Dad who was the drum major in his high school band.


When Halftime Magazine published their article I was elated. My family’s photo was the lead picture and we had numerous quotes throughout the article. I knew that the administration at my school would share my enthusiasm, especially since the school’s name was mentioned. Everyone loves free press, right?

I took the magazine to our Headmaster and he was unenthusiastic. He informed me that my time at the school would be coming to a close. I felt like a train was coming at me from one direction and an 18 wheeler was barreling down on me from the other direction.


I didn’t know that 1999 would be my final year at Lynchburg Christian Academy. And, I didn’t know that 2015 would be my last year directing The King’s Academy Marching Lions.

We stumble through life like someone who has awakened in a strange hotel room in the middle of the night. Our arms are extended in front of us as we grope around in the darkness looking for a light switch.

Honestly, we are better off not knowing. If we knew what was coming, it would rob us of the joy of our present moments. So, we choose to do great work in every moment, since we never know when it will be our last. And, one thing is certain, we can’t go back and change anything.

I quickly found work, thanks to the help of good friends. And, I try to remeber to make every moment count. Because, I may be unknowingly standing at the crossroads.

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