I like to read. Most of my reading is in the realm of non-fiction. But that is not the way I started.

Early reading

When I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania, I used to go to the local library in Irwin, Pennsylvania. The kids books were downstairs which on hot summer days was the best place to go to read. It was cool in the library basement and it was quiet. I felt safe from the world of school bullies and safe from everyone’s expectations. I can still feel the cool, moist air and smell the musty scent of the books. My favorites were Hardy Boys mysteries. I don’t remember details but I remember feeling like I was solving cases at their sides. I wanted to be a private eye and catch bad guys.


In high school and early college years, I fell in love with science fiction and stories by Isaac Asimov. I traveled around the universe and through time. My mind was filled with the unlimited possibilities. (Little did I know what explosive technologies were right around the corner.). I wanted to be an astronaut and explore the universe.

C.S. Lewis

In my late college years I discovered Mere Christianity and the brilliance of C.S. Lewis. He gave new roots to my christian faith and pushed my mind in directions I never thought possible. And, one of the best parts was,… he wrote some science fiction! I wanted to be a deep thinker and make unique observations.

Later reading

Since then I’ve moved through historical fiction with Jeff Shaara, biographies by David McCullough, self help from James Clear, spiritual development with John Elderedge and numerous other authors. I love the world that books bring to our fingertips! This website will review and highlight books from time to time. I look forward to having you join me. A list of most of the books that I’ve read along with brief reviews can be found on my Goodreads page.

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